• Work in Progress : parkour project, behind the jumps and beyond your limits

    Pubblicato venerdì, 20 dicembre 2013

    Work in Progress : parkour project

    parkour generatio shooting


    “Your limit today won’t be your limit tomorrow”

    At the first meeting i encounter Forrest, one of the main guys of Parkour generation , who greets me with a compose and polite behavior. He introduce me to this world : Parkour.

    fizz - parkour generation

    This sport , life style for somebody, even job for other, is all about freedom and that’s exactly what intrigued me and triggered my interest for it.  following the team , their movement , their training and the classes i discovering a whole universe made of feeling, happiness, efforts and dreams.  those guys are fully involved and passionated. No competitions, only the desire to get better and polish each movement from imperfections.  They are modern samurai prone to seek perfection and harmony, they follow the flow of life. their own path , their own way.

    serg, parkour generation , roberto zampino photo, london

    serg from parkour generation – photo roberto zampino photographer

    keep following the story, and have a look at the rough gallery!