• Commercial photography in Switzerland – Outventure and Iglu-Dorf

    Pubblicato lunedì, 03 ottobre 2016

    taking pictures in one of the most amazing place in Europe – Switzerland

    I meet for the first time the guys from Iglu-dorf in San Vito lo Capo after my sabbatic climbing month. Every year I try to spend at least 1 month just climbing and San vito is the perfect location. Cheap, good quality rock and easy going place. There I met my dear Friend Adi.

    The first time we actually spoke to each other was during a downhill/MTB ride just above the surrounding rocky spurs and woods. Than he invited me in Switzerland to photograph.

    My first assignment was for the making of the biggest Igloo on earth  . One month taking pictures in the Swiss Alps enjoying life fullest, snapping the life of igloo-makers working in extreme cold condition  and learning how to snowboard. Such a great experience and outcome  ( check this out https://www.robertozampinophoto.com/stories/igloo/ )

    This time around the assignment was different. We had to photograph Bungee jumpers, landscapes around a amazing mounting top, rope parks, caving and so much more here is the outcome of this experience https://www.robertozampinophoto.com/stories/outventure-igludorf-outdoorextreme-photography-lucerne-switzerland/ ENJOY!

    What it takes to get amazing shots?

    – Love
    – Passion
    – Sense of competition, i want to be better than myself yesterday
    – The need to excel the expectations
    – The will to put yourself and your equipment at stake

    The list could go on for so long ?
    Today it was a amazing shooting day : 4.00 am wake up to get the best light possible and than we moved to a cave to explore the interior of the mountain.. got dirty and happy!

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