People of London – Story of City

9 million people live in London. It is one of the most multicultural cities in the world and is characterized by diversity.

Looking at this characteristic with curious eyes i learnt how colorful and inspiring this metropolis is. The fallacy of London being grey has never been more incorrect. Colors are present everywhere and illuminate freshness and joy all around. The perceived impression of dull weather is well contrasted by countless personalities willing to beam their own style, or simply living their own life.

Each person has a personal story, a personal background. Each of them is playing an established role in the society. Either one they have decided upon or one that has been assigned to them . Taking and sharing pictures of these random individuals in the street gives them the chance share with the viewer a small portion of their daily life.

“London, 9.000.000 people live here. each single soul has its personal story, Diverse lives, styles, dreams, faces, attitudes, jobs, languages, ethics, religions, colors, ages, they are all Human Beings,

intervista a people of london