The biggest igloo on Earth – Igludorf – Zermatt

This chapter has came to an end.. 24 days in the Swiss Alps to document the making of the biggest Igloo on Earth ( Guinness World Records ) . This video wants to be a tribute to the hard work and the extreme working environment we were, along with showing the sense of team work and fun . Every day i would learn something new about the mountain, the igloo, the people, snowboarding and everyday has been special. What an amazing experience and special people.

I was meant to take pictures and do a presentation plus a time-lapse, but i was highly inspired and i decided to film as well.
I Did not have my steady cam nor stabilizers and holding a camera when it’s -24C° outside it could be challenging!
The cameras kept freezing in the night, i used:
– canon 5d Mark III with 24-70 and 17-40 canon
great camera, strong and durable. I had it covered by snow, water, crashed in ice and still working greatly.

– Fujifilm xt-1 – 27mm – 10-24 mm – 18-135mm
This small thing has surprised me. Sturdy, As hard as a tank. Never stopped shooting and in combination with the 18-135mm it becomes a sealed beast ready to go everywhere.
– I used Gopro hero 3plus for the timelapse – 17.000 photos to sum 3 weeks in few minutes.
I made a hole in the camera case and had the charger always in sealed with liquid glue.. sometime the camera would freeze and I made a case out of foam to keep it warmer.

As you may see in the video i mixed photos with videos and transition with the time-laspe – It was a stylistic choice to show where photos come from and give a idea of the elapsing of time and progression of the igloo