Chillihuani – living at 4000mt – Quechua community in the Andes – Perù

Chillihuani conduct  a simple life outcast in the far-flung rugged land of the peruvian lands. Electricity has only  recently came and t covers just the central part of the village, a bare 15% .The main source of water is the roaring river and potatoes are the base of their diet.  They are the descendants of the mighty Inka population , keeping the traditional farming, life style and Ideologies.

“ama sua, ama llulla, ama quella” (don’t steal, don’t lie, don’t be lazy) is the main philosophy on which the community is based , and has been followed for centuries. Unfortunately  the government do not try to preserve the unique culture of those small tribes , and treats such as alcohol and american dream are slowly penetrating the so far unspoiled community.

I spent 1 month in their  barren village, getting first accepted  and than exploring the simple but well organized herder society. Slowly I explored their intimate life made of hard work and love for mother nature. Walking around often I taught , why do they live here? how did they end up in this forgotten place? – than I realized – ” why not? ”

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