• Firsts 4 assignments from my MA in Photojournalism and Documentary photography

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    The drill has begun.

    Every week we were told to accomplish a photographic assignment following technical restrictions and straight guidelines (more or less). After having struggled all the week to shoot something related to the guidelines, following the rules and still trying to get something visually interesting , we were asked to show and comment the final editing. During the commentary the professor analyze the whole lot and give us tips and suggestions.


    the first assignment was

    People at Work

    restriction: 35/50 mm manual exp, manual focus, black and white, no crop, no post production, 10 pix out of 70/100 per situation.

    Kebab shop and Butcher, both from my street , both meet related  and i am vegan …  i seized the occasion to establish relations among the neighborhood and it turned out to be a very positive experience.



    ozzy BW_9

    ozzy BW_19 ozzy BW_30 ozzy BW_71 ozzy BW_73 butchery w.bunting_12  butchery w.bunting_33 butchery w.bunting_38

    the comment criticized mostly my inclination for portraits letting the “work” itself a bit in the shadow.

    Second Assignment was:

    Street Photography

    restrictions: the same listed for the first assignment, i was using a 50 mm


    It was fucking cold outside, i walked for days under the wrath of the weather. Snow, rain, cold, blisters, nothing could stop my shutter .. ok i’m rumbling…

    assignment MA_10 assignment MA_16   assignment MA_45 assignment MA_66 assignment MA_68 assignment MA_75 assignment MA_90 assignment MA_100 assignment MA_114 people of london snowtime!_2 assign. 2_5 assign. 2_19 assign. 2_23 assign. 2_29

    this picture need a note:

    “I’m am an alien , came to visit you humans and see what are you doing here. i spent 52 years on this planet, i come from there (pointing  at grey sky)” i’ll be staying here for around 1000 years to see your evolution and to protect from the tall aliens disguised as human being…” people around here call me mad  what A CONVERSATION!


    assign. 2_52   assign. 2_77


    Good eye, need to focus more on the feeling

    The third assigment

    Human Relation :

    I needed to focus only on Human relations and forget about the rest. No action, no portraits, only relations

    Resctrictions: the same ( im getting addicted to 50 mm B&W manual!)


    The room was small, and the 50 mm was not wide enough .. i needed to cram and squeeze my frame.

    Artist house, liverpool station and Climbing wall

    assigment  _5 assigment  _36 assigment  _56 assigment  _93 assigment  _97 assigment  _130 assigment  _140 assigment  _147 assigment  _163 people of london shortditch and liverpool station_24 people of london shortditch and liverpool station_26


    Comments: Forgotten , Sorry


    Forth Assignment:

    Portraits Formal and Environmental, 3 (more or less) situation each. 

    No restriction, i used my canon with a 50mm, 24 -70 mm , sometimes flashes, mostrly window light or available light

    people portrayed:

    For the environmental

    people (amazing ) from parkour generation http://www.parkourgenerations.com

    Phoebe Pope, astonishing singer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BehgsWIq1h8

    People of london Series : https://www.facebook.com/0peopleoflondon 

    For the Formal Portrait

    A nice looking and skillful skater in south bank,

    A beautiful Chinese Woman

    A Malaysian chef



    parkour shooting jpeg8th february _87 portrait 1 - people of london_46 portrait 1 - people of london_42 portrait 1 - people of london_32 portrait 1 - people of london_15 portrait 1 - chinese cheff -azman_3 portraits - ade - people_30 portraits - ade - people_29

    this series of environmental portraits belongs to a project called people of london , have a look!

    portrait 1 - people of london_47 portrait 1 - people of london_13 people of london snowtime!_19   chinese new year 2013people of london_62 2 chinese new year 2013people of london_60 2 chinese new year 2013people of london_55 2 chinese new year 2013people of london_47 2 chinese new year 2013people of london_7 2 chinese new year 2013 - 2people of london_26 2

    She is phoebe, i didn’t have ideas but the shooing helped us to find more stuff to do together .. the firsts pic represent her way to contrive a song.

    phoebe 1_46 phoebe 1_40 phoebe 1_27 phoebe 1_22 phoebe 1_12 phoebe 1_9

    the guys from pakour generation.. after this shooting more came and more are planned, great collaboration

    parkour shooting jpeg8th february _143 parkour shooting jpeg8th february _123 parkour shooting jpeg8th february _114



    parkour generation photos roberto zampino parkour shooting jpeg8th february _24 parkour shooting jpeg8th february _42 parkour shooting jpeg8th february _78 parkour shooting jpeg8th february _141

    Comment from Patrik: A portrait must be directed otherwise we talk about reportage style. Well all of them are directed so i guess i centered the point.

    Next Assignment a 3 to 5 pix story!


    hope you enjoyed the view!