• Deep Water Solo Mallorca & Sicily – DWS purest climbing

    Pubblicato mercoledì, 05 ottobre 2016
    dws mallorca

    Life has to be lived to the fullest

    Deep water solo – the purest way to climb – Shots from Mallorca and Sicily

    Deep-water soloing (DWS), also known as psicobloc, is a form of solo rock climbing, practiced on sea cliffs at high tide (originally, but also on reservoirs, rivers,  swimming pools -indoor-…), that relies solely upon the presence of water at the base of a climb to protect against injury from fallings from the generally high difficulty routes. Although this is viewed as a relatively new style of climbing, it originated in the 1970s. Real development of the style began in the mid-late 1990s, and is progressing to this day.[wikipedia]

    We are a bunch of crazy DWS fanatic, living in Syracusa we got a few crags to rip our fingers off and every year we hit a new spot to rise the climbing level and experience. Last year we went to Santa Maria di Leuca in Puglia . A spectacular place to practice dws and have a Chilly and high ribs-braking risk holiday 🙂   this year We decided to leave the country and LAnd in Spain,  Mallorca. The Place was absolutely  incredible, the crags easy to get to and super great rock and routes … The place is cheap, lovely, warm but never scorching hot ( at least in July ) and packed with great rock on Crystal blue  Water. We spent 7 days hitting the rock, having serious fun and,  as strange as it sounds, with no injuries! a part from the Never Grown Up sindroms which hits back every time a spectacular experience comes to an end.


    Here few Shots of this amazing Adventure

    Deep Water Solo Back Home In Sicily – Siracusa

    Deep Water Solo Videos  Back In Sicily – Siracusa