• Climbing Photography Workshop DONE

    Pubblicato giovedì, 19 dicembre 2013

    On Saturday we run This amazing Climbing Photography workshop.

    this First appointment has taken place at the Biscuit Factory – The Arch Climbing Wall
    We tried to focus mostly on composition and framing, trying to polish our photography and to contrive new ideas. They discovered how hard it can be to pay attention to the whole frame avoiding distracting elements. We also learned balance and contrast in climbing photography and the arts of seizing the right moment and movement along with a bunch of practical tips !
    Photography is a snapshot of an idea , and learning the different techniques and lighting has helped my student in finding new way to express and represent the reality.
    The second part of the class aimed to critic and analyze the results. we shared the pictures and objectively discussed about  flaws and pro. during when we built up a new critical way to look at our outcome and improve our composing and technique skills.
    Soon i will decide for the winning picture of the “indoor Competition”

    Climbing photography workshop roberto zampino photographer

    here the gallery! have a look!